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is an educational consulting company dedicated to providing a unique learning experience for the on-the-go student. Our program is best suited for families seeking an unconventional route of education for their student. 

A full service family educator, mentor, and family structure enthusiast, Eddie Sanders, M.Ed. is a native of rural Toomsboro,GA. He is an alumnus of Savannah State University and Georgia Southwestern State University. Eddie’s ability to assist others became evident years ago when he launched a tutoring service during his high school years. In this space he assisted his peers and other younger students in the areas of Mathematics and English Language Arts. True to his love for encouraging academic excellence and self-value amongst youth, Eddie became a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters as a freshman at Savannah State. It was during this time Eddie realized his call to education. After realizing this, he went on to intern as a Teacher’s Assistant. What was initially set to be a semester-long internship grew into a nearly 2-year experience.

In 2014, Eddie founded the Annual Jacqueline O. Moore College Expo, a college expo set to benefit high school students in his hometown. Eddie has served in many leadership capacities, including as an executive member of the Student Government Association, a Gifted Coordinator, a Campaign Manager, and a youth ministry leader. His areas of interest are serving the educational needs of young entertainers and athletes, traveling families, the children of entertainers, entrepreneurs, and other public figures. The passion for serving this specialized group of people has lead Eddie to launch an organization that prides itself on providing education for students wherever, whenever. Our goal is to provide education your way!


With the slogan of “Education Wherever, Education Whenever,” OSEA’s target clientele are



• Young Performers and Athletes, Children of Celebrities
• Traveling families and On-The-Go Executives and Affluent Individuals

GRADES 3 – 8 

• Homeschool Students
• Students with Learning Disabilities


At OSEA we coordinate all educational needs for our students. A certified educator will be assigned to each family, according to the educational level of the student. The educator will provide services including, but not limited to, subject based/grade level tutoring, home schooling, test preparation, special projects preparation, GED assessment practice, and public speaking training. Variations to the coursework may be provided on case-by-case basis.


OSEA stands firmly on our mission to provide high-quality educational services –wherever and whenever. This means we will tailor your student’s learning experience to include video access, in-home visits, tour visits for students on the road, online access during extended vacations, and real-time virtual lessons for a more hands-on style interaction. Realizing that students, and their parents, may lead busy, unconventional lives, OSEA is pleased to offer 24/7 access programs, in the form that is most beneficial to you.


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